Jeff Mlakar is an Enterprise Architect at the consulting firm of Bennett Adelson.

3 Responses to About

  1. Jeff Mlakar says:

    I have to ask if we’re related. I have Mlakar family in Cleveland. I’m from Pittsburgh but live in Raleigh NC now. I’ve been mistaken for you several times and I thought I’d reach out to say hello. I work for a consulting company called Cardinal Solutions Group. One of my colleagues in Columbus asked me why I didn’t say I was coming up to Ohio to present at the Dog Food Conference.

    • Jeff Mlakar says:

      Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for reaching out! With a large Slovenian population in Cleveland, there are a lot of Mlakars around that I’m not related to, so I’d bet we’re not related (but it’s possible). I was aware of you, but was pretty sure we haven’t crossed paths. As for the confusion or trouble my name has caused for you, I guess I should say “I’m sorry”? 🙂 …


  2. Jeff Mlakar says:

    No problem – just amused – I’ll spare you the story of another mishap. BTW couldn’t find a more private way to reach out so you can delete this thread if you like.

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