WindowsPhone/Skydrive: “we’re having trouble downloading this document”

Since this week’s updates to SkyDrive, my Windows Phone Office Hub started having issues accessing documents.  Files I hadn’t downloaded to my Windows Phone from my SkyDrive worked fine, but any files I’d already downloaded and tried to access again consistently gave the error: “we’re having trouble downloading this document”.  Also, if I created a new folder on my SkyDrive on my laptop, it wouldn’t show up when browsing my SkyDrive on my phone.

The reason is that the URLs of the documents have changed with the latest updates to SkyDrive.  Since Office Hub is looking for these URLs, it is getting confused.

The fix is that you’ll need to reset Office on your Windows Phone.

To do this:

  1. Open Office Hub on your Windows Phone, go to “Locations” and open “Phone”.  If you have any documents there that you want to save, open them, select the ellipsis (…), and select “Share”.  Select your email and then mail to yourself.  This way you have a copy since resetting office will remove any files saved to your Phone.  And any pinnings you have on your homescreen.
  2. Go to “Settings” on your Phone.  Go to “Applications”.  Select “Office”
  3. Hit the “Reset Office” button.  If it doesn’t work, reboot your phone and try again.

SkyDrive should now work fine.

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